spn problem:
when everything is resolved but there are still 15 minutes left:

when nothing is resolved and there are only 2 minutes left:

both are equally terrifying

Real Conversation With My Parents

  • Me: Misha is walking around SDCC right now in an apron handing out cups of coffee
  • Dad: Good
  • Me: That's just what he does.. He does random nice things like this all the time
  • Dad: Maybe Misha Collins is my hero
  • Mom: I want to be Misha Collins

  • Jensen: I was shown this really beautiful piece of fanart but I was like, I can't put up a picture of myself
  • Misha: Not another one
  • Jared: This one will have to go over another picture of myself

Jared calls his and Jensen’s voice “squeaky” back at the start of Supernatural. Misha added, “It’s amazing looking at the photos of you guys from season 1 because you were children. This is literally your entire adult life.”

Jensen looks back at the pilot and calls it “humbling” adding, “We just kept our heads down… if we didn’t make too much noise they’d keep us on the air.”


misha did you just
were u just like
hello officers would you assist me i need to post a photo on twitter
“ok yep that’s good like that just twist my arm a lil more”
what a fuckin dork